DAB live!

We have exploited the potential of digital technologies with DAB live!, the app that makes it easier for private consumers to optimise consumption while reducing costs, maximise domestic comfort, and monitor the system.

Real savings in resources and money


On DAB live! it is easy to check water and electricity consumption and compare it with the previous month. The consultation can be monthly, weekly or daily. And if you want, even in real time!

You can also keep track of them to learn good habits because in case of anomalies in the consumption status, the app gives you good tips to save money and respect the environment.

Things are easier

View the status of your installation at all times

With DAB live! it is always possible to view the status of your system. And if something goes wrong, it’s easy to solve the problem because the app sends you a notification so you can get in touch quickly – the app takes you directly to the contact request section.

Install DAB Live!

If you want to relax in the shower, just ask DAB LIVE! to adapt the set parameters for only as long as necessary. Everything then goes back to the way it was and consumption can go back down. And if your phone is too far away, just ask Google Home or Alexa to turn on the features you want.

Sleep Mode

DAB home pumps are already quiet, but if you don’t want to hear a sound, you can activate the Sleep Mode feature for a more than peaceful night’s sleep and great savings. And if your phone is too far away, just ask Google Home or Alexa to turn on the features you want.

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Your every wish…

Compact, technological and all-in-one, the Esybox Mini3 is the perfect booster pump for your home. But if you connect it to DAB LIVE! it becomes the real genius of the house because…

Discover the Esybox Mini3


Stay on top of your energy bills and decide how you can save money by lowering your consumption and helping the environment.

Peace of mind

You can rest assured every day and every season - with DAB live! you can keep an eye on your system at all times. And help is always at hand.


With DAB LIVE! you can enjoy a super shower whenever you want, or just moments of peace and quiet, all in an instant and easy manner.

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