Manage your installations wherever you are

DConnect is the new DAB cloud service that allows you to remotely control your installations, in real time and wherever you are. It is possible to control pressurisation and water management pumps, and heating or air conditioning circulators.

  • 24/7 technical support and remote control
  • Better service for your customer and easier work for you
  • Support for different types of applications
  • Reduced building management costs
  • Also suitable for pre-existing installations
    (provided that the products are compatible and that the installation location has a permanent Internet connection)

Everything under control

Control your system, anytime and anywhere.

From home, the office, work, while travelling, wherever there is an Internet connection available.
Thanks to DConnect, you can remotely control and manage your pumps from a smartphone, tablet or PC as if you were right there, in front of your plant!


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Product list

Choose your installation from the list of connected DAB products.

Simple guided installation

Choose the step-by-step wizard and start to use DConnect.

Parameter setting

The section clearly shows the parameters that can be changed, indicating the currently set value.

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Annual subscription

  • Like any other items in our life connected to the Internet network, also water pumps are at risk of cyber-attacks.
  • For years, DAB has been developing a Cybersicurity culture to guarantee safe and protected solutions for our customers.
  • DConnect hardware and software components have been tested following the most stringent international protocols.
  • At DAB, the attention for the customer is also demonstrated by the preventive actions and the informed choices implemented in relation to security, with the object of protecting our most advanced technological solutions.
  • Appropriate choices during the design stage, keeping a high attention level and continuously releasing updates, is DAB way of protecting the customer.

Operation diagram

One single interface for all the applications

  • The DConnect service can be used to manage one or more pumps, to increase water pressure, to manage drain waters, and water circulation in heating and air conditioning systems.
  • It’s a multi-channel service of high added value that irrespective of system nature and size simplifies configuration, always using the same interface and tools. Being modular, DConnect can manage up to 8 different electronic pumps and 4 pumps with DConnect Box 2, in a highly simple and integrated manner.

    Click below on the DConnect Box and DConnect Box 2 to find out which products you can connect.


Ethernet cable

Required if you want to connect the DConnect Box to your modem / router via cable, RJ-45 connector.

Kit Modem Wi-Fi + wall charger + SIM

It’s a 3G/4G USB modem that requires a data SIM to be installed, which provides Wi-Fi connectivity to the room if a local Wi-Fi network is not available.

DConnect BMS Modbus RTU RS485 adapter kit

It is an additional Modbus RTU interface that allows you to connect all the pumps and electrical panels that can be associated with the DConnect into a supervision system.

Mini UPS for DConnect Box

It is a compact power supply that includes the UPS (uninterruptible power supply) function. It’s able to power the DConnect Box during the absence of mains power for a short time.

DConnect Box IP55 Panel

Panel with IP55 protection rating that protects the DConnect Box from rainwater. For outdoor installations. DConnect Box included.


Find out how many DAB products you can connect to the DConnect box at the same time

Add to the DConnect Box Add to the DConnect Box 2 Integrated wireless
DCONNECT BOX DCONNECT BOX 2 Integrated wireless

    Complete the order using following code/codes:

    Price list
    DAB PUMPS reserves the right to make modifications without notice

    DAB I.o.P. Internet of Pumps!

    The DConnect service consists of a modern and advanced Cloud system, and a hardware component, the DConnect Box, required for connecting the pumps being controlled to the Internet. Thanks to this service, DAB pump can access the I.o.T., or better, the I.o.P.

    DAB is always present!

    Our customer service is always available for support during the configuration of our products, including the most advanced ones, like the DConnect service!

    Everything is a click away!

    The free APP, available for the main mobile operating systems (Android and iOS) and the dedicated website accessible with any web browser, give the possibility of controlling and changing the operating parameters of all connected products.

    Smart Building Management

    DConnect allows easier, controlled and more rational management of the system, lowering overhead costs and increasing the value of the building in terms of efficiency and comfort.

    Immediately ready to use

    D.Connect non richiede particolari infrastrutture per l’installazione: bastano un collegamento internet in prossimità dell’ installazione ed uno smartphone.
    La configurazione avviene in pochi e semplici passaggi guidati.

    Always connected

    Con D.Connect il monitoraggio dei prodotti DAB diventa facile e intuitivo come non mai e tutte le principali regolazioni possono essere effettuate anche da remoto, in poche mosse.
    Per un controllo totale e senza sorprese.

    Technology for everyone

    Based on state-of-the-art technology, the DConnect system offers many advantages than typical BMS systems.

    DConnect FAQ

    With each question, an answer


    Our Customer Service is at your disposal.